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Admission Aid

Student Recruitment Process

See “Announcement” for Admission to various programs. Note that the Admission Requirements are usually set out by the Host Ministry of Education. Based on convention, the requirements conform to those students seeking admission are expected to meet in their own countries. Prospective ICU Tech students are advised to obtain additional information by e-mail: [email protected].


Mandatory Pre-Elective Selection Programs

Continental Language(s): Select One Elective

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Georgian
  • Mandarin

Major Fields: To Be Announced: Nov.-Dec. 2021.

  • Including in the Medical Sciences, Epidemiology, Immunology, Public Health, Nutrition and Sports Medicine.
  • Students should note, however, that award of Any Academic Credential is subject to upfront Local and International Accreditations being pursued.

Admission Process

  • All Student Recruiters to send a Letter of Intent and Brief Corporate Profiles to [email protected].
  • ATTN: Admin Secretary, Toronto HQ
    Students applying through Recruiters or DirectlY are required to send their Brief Personal Profile(s) upfront (Personal Data, Academic Qualifications, fields of Study and Career Interests) to: [email protected].
  • ATTN: Admin Secretary; Tbilisi Hybrid Campus
    All e-mails received will be quickly reviewed and the Admission Application Form emailed; as the case may be.

Admission Process Schedule

  • Please allow 5 working days turn around for each admission Application filed under the Rolling Admission System Process.
  • Surf our turf for future postings, thereafter.
  • Keep in mind that Rolling Admission and Orientation implies that the next batch would be scheduled to commence shortly after the first or previous one.

Tuition Payment

  • Account Number: To be provided to the Student Applicants only


All Academic and Personal Data should be notarized by our Legal Advisors; as follows:

Important Notice

All Students, regardless of previous Academic profile(s) need to fulfill the mandatory continental language admission requirements.

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